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Fair Play (EN)

The 10 commandments of the Cruizador user

For the renters:

  1. A proper safety equipment at all time you will wear or your skin you will lose.
  2. The motorcycle as your own one you will cherish and carefully you will treat!
  3. The motorcycle as you found it you will leave and no modification you will make!
  4. The road legislation (LCR) you will follow or via secura will punish you !
  5. Like a Moto GP pilot you will NOT behave!
  6. Damages you immediately will announce or a sanction you will get.
  7. Every withdrawal of your driving license you will announce!
  8. In case of a claim/damage, Cruizador you will inform and collaborative you will remain!
  9. The motorcycle in time, clean and with the tank full you will give back!
  10. A lot of fun you will have and amazing adventures you will experience.

For the owners:

  1. A functioning motorcycle you will rent out (safety first)!
  2. Responsive you will remain, a meeting time and place with the renters you will arrange!
  3. The renter’s driving license you will check (not a copy, the real one)!
  4. A motorcycle inspection before handing over the key you will make and the inspection form with the renters you will fill out.
  5. Your motorcycle specificities you will explain!
  6. Your motorcycle after the rental you will check and damages immediately you will announce.
  7. Amount of driven kilometers at the end you will check.
  8. Every prolonged unavailability of your motorcycle (sold, license plate drop off) you will announce.
  9. A review of the renter at the end you will write!
  10. Good money at the end of your rental you will earn!