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Cruizador, what is it and why should I become part of it?

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How is Cruizador born?

Back in 2015, I was visiting my cousin in Portugal and naturally, I was looking to rent a motorcycle for a few days to discover the beautiful scenic roads of the Algarve region.

However, it was almost impossible to find a rental company. And when I got to find one, they were charging at least 140€/day, when my rental car cost about 25€/day. Being an avid traveler, I faced this contradiction everywhere I went to (USA, Australia, Spain, France, etc.).

Back in Switzerland, I started to analyze the market and found also the same incoherence, despite having probably among the nicest scenic roads in the world: high prices, fragmented offer, flawed and non-digitalized booking process, and so on. Furthermore, a few friends of mine had to give up on their motorbike for several reasons (family, job, etc.). But when Spring was around the corner, the same question was popping again: can I borrow your bike for a day or two?

The demand was there, but no offer to match it. Thus we decided to team up with a few friends to tackle the issue and come up with a real alternative for all the neglected riders out there. Being avid users of the sharing economy (Airbnb among others), we decided to unite the riders community around a collaborative project. And so came Cruizador to the light!


So Cruizador, what’s that?

Cruizador introduces the first Swiss Airbnb-like motorcycle rental platform.

Our vision is to bring motorcycles into the Swiss sharing economy via a peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplace.

Our mission is to connect riders, who don’t own a bike but seek to rent one, and owners, willing to rent out.

Cruizador aims at creating a safe environment by providing insurance coverage (comprehensive cover) during the entire rental period (more info here).


Cruizador, why is it for me?


As an owner As a renter
·  Save money on insurance, taxes, maintenance etc.

·  Earn Extra CHF instead of leaving your bike in a garage

·  Earn money whilst you are in the process of selling your motorbike

·  Pay a cheaper rate than traditional rental

·  Have the fun of riding a bike without the inconveniences of owning one

·  Test drive a specific model/make for a longer period of time

Cruizador is here for you!!

Any doubts? Still not sure about it? Contact us and we’ll be glad to answer your questions and clarify things!

Have a look also at our FAQs and the support section to get additional info.