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Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by the renter

Please bear in mind that a cancellation represents an inconvenience for the owners. However, we understand that unexpected event can occur and that the Swiss climate is sometime capricious.

Thus, a renter can cancel a booking without additional charges up to 7 (seven) days after the initial approval of the booking. Passed this deadline, a penalty fee equal to 10% of the amount paid will be charged.

How to cancel? Please send us an email ( with your full name and the planned booking date and we will cancel the reservation in our system.

Last minute cancellations (less than 48h before rental start) cannot be cancelled without additional charges. In that case, a penalty fee equal to 10% of the amount paid will be charged.


Penalty fee

Up to 7 days after booking confirmation None
After 7 days (from booking confirmation) 10% of amount to be paid
Last Minute (<48h before rental starts) 10% of amount to be paid

Cruizador Cancellation Policy

In the event of repeated/systematic cancellations, Cruizador will have the right to sanction the renters.

In any case, an early return of the rented motorcycle, does not provide a refund/credit right

Cancellation by the owner

An owner can cancel a booking. Unexpected event can occur (motorcycle not available e.g.). Thus, he needs to inform as soon as possible but if possible 72h in advance before the beginning of the rental. This will allow Cruizador to find a new vehicle for the renters.

How to cancel? Please send us an email ( or a SMS and we will cancel the reservation for you.

Cruizador gives its best to guarantee a smooth communication between the owners and the renters. However, renters count on the owners to start planning their getaway and organize everything.

Consequently, repeated cancellation could lead to an exclusion (temporary or definitive) from the Cruizador marketplace.

Presently, there is no cancellation penalty for the owners. However, Cruizador reserves the right to modify this policy should it become a recurring event in the future

Late return fees

An expected event can happen. But please inform the owner as soon as possible so that he can organize himself accordingly. A smooth communication between the owner and the renter allows the community to function efficiently.

In case of a late return, passed a 60min buffer-time, the owner has the right to charge an additional rental day, plus a CHF 50.- late-return fee (flat). For every 24h-period of time, an additional rental day will be charged and so the late fees and the insurance costs (if applicable).