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Who can use Cruizador?


All the motorcycles 125cc and above, registered in Switzerland, can be listed and rented out on Your age respectively the emission date of your driving license is not relevant to rent out your motorcycle. We just ask your motorcycle to be registered in Switzerland. So an 18yo student driver can register his/her motorbike on the platform.


Currently, for insurance purposes and for trust reasons vis-à-vis the owners, we ask that the renters are aged 25 min. and that they own a valid motorcycle endorsement for at least 3 years (corresponding to the category of the rented vehicle). This might change in the future but no exceptions now.

For foreign renters, we ask them to give a proof of residence (electricity/gaz/phone bill e.g.).

How does it work?

For the renters :

  1. Connect/register on the platform here (registration is free and no obligation);
  2. Browse our motorcycle database (filter by location available);
  3. Choose the motorcycle you like for a defined period of time (rental goes by 24h time period)
  4. Found the one you like? Make a booking request.
  5. Cruizador will contact the owner and check the motorcycle availability (24h max. confirmation time);
  6. If the motorcycle is available, Cruizador will connect you with the owner so that you can fix an appointment. Otherwise, back to step 2;
  7. You meet up with the owner, proceed with the vehicle inspection, and sign the documents ;
  8. You get the key, jump on the bike and start enjoying life like never;
  9. At the end of the rental, you bring the motorcycle back, make a new inspection with the owner. Everything ok? You shake hands and wish you the best.
  10. Your credit card will be charged with the corresponding amount.
  11. Cruizador looks forward to welcoming you again for the next rental.


For the owners:

  1. Register your bike here (registration is free and no obligation to rent out).
  2. Fill out the online form so that we can proceed with the listing.
  3. Make sure your motorcycle is registered and in proper functioning order.
  4. When somebody wants to rent your motorcycle, Cruizador sends you a booking request via e-mail and/or SMS. You have 24 hours to confirm the request or refuse it. Shouldn’t we hear from you within that time frame, we will assume that your motorbike is not available and we will cancel the request.
  5. If you confirm the request, Cruizador will put you in contact with the renters. You will then set up an appointment with the renters and then inspect the vehicle, sign the contract and hand over of the keys.
  6. Cruizador insurance policy become active as soon as you have signed the rental contract.
  7. Then you just have to wait for the rental to be over.
  8. The renter brings the motorcycle back, you make a 2nd inspection (no damage?), you check the number of driven kilometers and that the tank is full.
  9. Cruizador transfers you the rental money (- the usage fees) within a few days.


Have a look also at our FAQs and the support section to get additional info.