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Who can rent a motorbike on Cruizador ?
At the moment, we ask that the prospective renters are min 25 yo and have a valid motorcycle endorsement for at least 3 years (category has to match with the category of the vehicle rented). Mainly for insurance purposes but also to build up trust among the owners.

For foreign renters, we ask them to give a proof of residence (electricity/gaz/phone bill e.g.).

What kind of motorcycle can be rented out on Cruizador ?
All the motorcycles 125cc and above, registered in Switzerland, can be rented out on the platform. This is as simple as that.

Your age respectively the emission date of your driving license is not relevant to rent out your motorcycle. 

Who set the rental price/day ?
Owners are free to charge the price they want for their motorcycle. However, we will give you a reference price (traditional rental price of a similar motorcycle) for you to compare. You want your motorcycle to be actively rented. A price that is too high might discourage a prospective renter. So try to stay competitive.
How much kilometer/day am I allowed to drive?
Some owners offer an unlimited number of km/day. Others set a km/day package (eg 300 km/day). This mention is clearly indicated in the description of the motorcycle. When there is a km/day package, each additional km is charged on a flat rate basis of CHF 0.3/km.
What about the insurance ?
During the entire rental period, and as long as the motorcyle is being rented out via Cruizador platform, the motorcycle will be covered by Cruizador insurance partner (Helvetia Insurance Company). Comprehensive cover ! More info here.
As owner, do I have to inform my insurance company?
Yes and you are obliged to. You have to proactively inform your insurance company that you will from time-to-time rent out your motorcycle on Cruizador. Contact us and we will inform you on the procedure.
What about the equipment?
As mentioned in our general conditions, it is the renter who is responsible for showing up with the regulatory equipment (approved helmet, jacket, gloves, etc.). However, the owners can optionally make this equipment available. If this option is done complementary by the owner, it will undeniably have a positive impact on the attractiveness of your ad. Indeed, some bikers resell their motorcycle and the equipment that goes with it for family or professional reasons. And they will probably not buy all the equipment for one or two rentals a year. Consequently, it’s an additional selling point for your ad if you can provide the basic equipment.
How does the booking process work ?
Have a look at our section (how it works). We explain everything in detail.
How does the meeting with the owner look like ?
As soon as the booking has been paid, Cruizador will put the owner and the renter in touch. The two parties will fix an appointment according to their convenience/availability. And during this meeting, they will basically :

1.     Make an inspection of the motorcycle and fill out the form (standard document available);

2.     Both sign the rental contract ;

3.     Have a look at the motorcycle’s specificities (if any) so that the renter feels safe to operate.

How does the online payment work?
Our online payment provider is Stripe. Stripe is a well-known provider and guarantee a high level of safety. The payment will go through their own server. The data will be encrypted and transmitted via secured protocol. More info here


Why can I only pay with a Credit Card ?
At the moment, we allow only payment with credit card. For the unique reason that we will block a deposit on the credit card. For practical/safety reason, we don’t want our renters to carry big amount of money and to leave a cash deposit.


Why do you block a deposit and how does it work ?
Like for every traditional rental, Cruizador will block a deposit, i.e. a pre-authorization corresponding to the amount of the deductible set by the insurance company. If the renter returns the motorcycle without any damage, Cruizador will release the deposit as soon as we have the confirmation from the owners (in max 48h from the first following business day).


As renter, I made a material damage on the motorcycle. What will happen ?
You should first start by informing us or at the latest when you return the motorcycle. The owner will then inform us and we will deal with the insurance company. The insurance company will take it from there and evaluate the reparation costs. If the reparation costs exceed the deductible, the entire deposit will be used. If the amount is smaller than de deposit, only the difference will be released.

Ex. 1 : Reparation costs are CHF 550. Cruizador will return CHF 450 (1000 – 550) to the renter.

Ex. 2 : Reparation costs are CHF 1’550. Cruizador will keep the entire deposit (CHF 1000 CHF) and the rest will be paid by the insurance company.

As renter, I made a road violation. What are the risks ?
The Swiss traffic laws are strict and will punish heavy violation fiercly (sequestration of the vehicle and jail time in some case). We recommend our renters to comply to the traffic laws at all time and to be careful.


Renter of the vehicle is responsible legally and financially for his/her conduct,


And this during the entire rental period.

Now, if you have made a violation, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can diligently solve the case without involving the owner. Cruizador has the right additionally to charge admin fees for the service.

Once again, the good functioning of Cruizador community is built on the trust between the owners and the renters. So, and even if everybody can make a mistake, please be responsible for your conduct and inform us as soon as possible.

I am an owner and I received a ticket (fine). However, I wasn’t driving the motorcycle at the time of the violation. What will happen ?
Before giving your keys to the renter, we ask you to, among others, check that he/she has a valid motorcycle endorsement and we ask you to sign a rental agreement (standard document). This document will contractually oblige the renter to comply to the regulations and general terms and conditions. It will also make him responsible financially and legally for his conduct. These documents will be dated and signed. So, it will allow us to track and know exactly who was driving and when. Consequently, Cruizador will make these data available for the competent authorities.


I am a renter and I have been fined abroad. What do I risk ?
The consequences are exactly the same as for any violation in Switzerland. Don’t expect to have a wild card. With the automatic exchange of information between European countries now, ticket do arrive eventually in Switzerland. So please inform us as soon as possible so that we can get everything sorted out.
What about the risk of theft? 
Cruizador will NEVER give the exact address of an owner (just the area), especially to avoid thieves using the platform to target vehicles. Additionally, we encourage owners to set up a meeting place different from their domicile (ex. station, parking of the supermarket nearby, etc.), to avoid any potential case.  
As a renter, can I ask a third party to hand over the keys? 

We recommend that the owners hand over the keys in person. This will facilitate the procedure, the inspection of the condition of the motorcycle and the explanation of its functioning. However, it happens that an unexpected event can prevent them to. Also, you have the option to delegate to a trusted third party, provided that the contracts / inspection forms have been previously completed, dated and signed by the owner in person and that the third party complies with the procedure of handing over the keys . He/she will be able to find his/her way through our checklist (available here)