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You have questions and still cannot find the corresponding answer? Did you take a look at the “how it works” section or at our FAQs?

In addition to our general terms and conditions, please have a look at the following terms.

Who can rent out a motorcycle on Cruizador ?

All the motorcycles 125cc and above, registered in Switzerland, can be listed and rented out on Your age respectively the emission date of your driving license is not relevant to rent out your motorcycle. We just ask your motorcycle to be registered in Switzerland.

Additionally, you have to inform your insurance company that you will from time-to-time rent your motorcycle on Cruizador (legal requirement). You will find a template for the information letter for your insurance company at the end of this article.

Furthermore, the owner will make sure to

  1. Rent out a safe and well-functioning vehicle;
  2. Rent out a motorcycle that is road legal ;
  3. That a rental to a third-party is not limited or forbidden by the law or by a contract (e.g. leasing contract);

Listing quality

When you want to register your motorcycle on Cruizador, we will send you a form in which we will collect all the required information such as

  1. Brand/Model
  2. Year (1st registration)
  3. Engine size
  4. Driving license category (A/ A limited/ A1)

Furthermore, we will ask you to make a description of your motorcycle, highlighting its strengths and to send us at least 1 picture. We recommend you to send 3 to 5 good pictures. Please mention also the equipment that you can lend (helmet, gloves, GPS, etc.). No obligation here, the renter is in fine responsible to show up with the proper attire.

Last but not least, a few words about yourself (such as the languages spoken) will complete the listing. A qualitative listing will attract more prospective renters. So be original but avoid any offensive language.

Rental price per day

Owners are free to set the price they want for their motorcycle. However, we will give you a reference price (traditional rental price of a similar motorcycle) for you to compare. You want your motorcycle to be actively rented. A price that is too high might discourage a prospective renter. So try to stay competitive.

Commission fees

The listing of your motorcycle is free. So if your motorcycle is not rented, you will not pay any charge. However, you will be charged a rental commission fee for our expenses if your motorcycle is effectively rented.

We provide not only the technology, for qualifying renters and processing of payments, but we also advertise for your motorcycle. Additionally, Cruizador provides support and useful documents, deals with the insurance company (if needed), etc..

The fee will be deducted from the money you will earn with each effective rental.

The commission vary according to the daily rental price. We have revised our pricing policy to encourage owners to set a rental price attractive for prospective renters in order to stay competitive vis-à-vis traditional rentals. The pricing structure for our fees looks the following:

  • Price/day <60 CHF: 20%
  • Price/day from 61 CHF: 30%

Our pricing may change over time. If the transaction volumes allow us to, Cruizador wish to decrease the commission fees.

Rent out a motorcycle

When referencing your motorcycle on Cruizador, we will ask you to communicate upfront the known unavailability of your motorcycle. For efficiency reasons, we will consider all motorcycle that has not been reported us unavailable as available. However, we understand that you can spontaneously change your mind and decide to use your motorcycle. Thus, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can change the status in your motorcycle calendar.

Minimal secondment of your motorcycle

Currently, the minimal availability of any motorcycle is 48h, for practical reasons. We believe the process of doing the paper work, handing over the keys, etc. not to be worth it for only a few hours.

Based on our experience, people typically rent for a long week-end (basis 3 to 5 days). So we encourage our owners not to limit too much the availability of their motorcycle in order to stay attractive enough  for prospective renters.

Though we understand that you also use your motorcycle and as such, do not want to rent out over extended period of time. You can give us a maximal rental duration. We will enter this value in our system (for ex. max. 14 days at once).  Should a prospective renter make a booking request for let say 20 days, the system will alert the renter that the maximal duration has been exceeded and that he/she needs to reduce the booking duration.

Cancel a booking

You have the right to cancel a booking. Please take note of our cancellation policy on the dedicated page (here).

Before handing over the keys (check-list)

Before handing over your keys, we advise you to follow this check-list

  1. Check the renter’s driving license (category has to match with the one of your motorcycle);
  2. Make a vehicle inspection (with the help of the inspection form);
  3. Sign the rental contract;
  4. Make sure the renter is not under the influence of alcohol/drug;
  5. Explanation of the functioning of the motorcycle;
  6. Handing over the equipment (if applicable);
  7. Handing over the keys;

The renter is furthermore obliged to show a valid motorcycle endorsement (driving license, category has to match with the one of the motorbike rented) before taking off. The name on the driving license has to match with the one on the rental agreement. Should the renter be uncapable of producing such document or should he/she has misrepresented his/her identity, the owner has the right to cancel the booking, with no refund possibility for the renter.

When accepting each booking, you are agreeing to enter into a rental contract with the renter (template made available by Cruizador). When signing this contract, you accept to comply to the law and the general terms and conditions.

We recommend that the owners hand over the keys in person. This will facilitate the procedure, the inspection of the condition of the motorcycle and the explanation of its functioning. However, it happens that an unexpected event can prevent them to. Also, you have the option to delegate to a trusted third party, provided that the contracts/inspection forms have been previously completed, dated and signed by the owner in person and that the third party complies with the procedure of handing over the keys . He/she will be able to find his/her way through our checklist (available here).


As mentioned in our general conditions, it is the renter who is responsible for showing up with the regulatory equipment (approved helmet, jacket, gloves, etc.). However, the owners can optionally make this equipment available. If this option is done complementary by the owner, it will undeniably have a positive impact on the attractiveness of your ad. Indeed, some bikers resell their motorcycle and the equipment that goes with it for family or professional reasons. And they will probably not buy all the equipment for one or two rentals a year. Consequently, it’s an additional selling point for your ad if you can provide the basic equipment.

Vehicle inspection

Before handing over the motorbike key, we recommend you to make an inspection round of the motorcycle and to fill out the inspection form (template available), in order to list and document all the damages prior to the current rental. This document, dated and signed by both parties, will be used to handle claims and disputes. You can also document existing damages/conditions with pictures.

Maintenance of the vehicle/fuel

The owner is responsible to rent out a functioning motorcycle. In addition, he/she will rent the bike with a full tank. We recommend you also to schedule maintenance/service work according to the planed bookings. It would be inconvenient for the renters to be the one that drive your motorcycle to the garage.

The renter on his/her side will

  • Bring back a clean motorcycle and full tank.
  • Control the functioning condition of the motorcycle during the rental time (e.g. fluid levels);
  • Protect the vehicle against theft within the realms of possibility (by favoring guarded parking e.g.)

Il will inform/announce all the damages/theft that have happened during the rental period.


Procedure to follow in the case of an accident/damage

  1. Make sure the renter is sound and safe;
  2. Notify the police if needed (e.g. injured person);
  3. Notify Cruizador support within 48h max. following the event or at the latest before the next rental;
  4. Fill out an accident report with the people involved;
  5. Document the event (name and contact of involved persons, pictures, etc.);
  6. Complete the inspection form;
  7. Stay cooperative, to diligently handle the case with the insurance.


Please find, below, a list with useful documents

  1. Check-List
  2. Motorcycle inspection form
  3. Rental agreement
  4. Information Letter for your insurance (FR)
  5. Information Letter for your insurance (DE)

Your question/problem has not been answered/solved yet? Contact us and we will try to diligently handle the case.